Lifesaving treatment and healthcare

Fatchima was only 14 months old when she arrived in hospital in critical condition.

She had watery diarrhoea and was dangerously dehydrated. This basic, treatable illness can be lethal to young children.

Just one hour after doctors saw her, Fatchima started showing signs of recovery and had finished off all of the fortified milk given to her by doctors.

Days after leaving the clinic, her cheeks had become rosier and were filling out again. She was over the moon to be home with her siblings.

The clinic where Fatchima received treatment is funded and run by Save the Children. We have partnered with the Nigerian Ministry of Health in a major nutrition project to provide support for malnourished children and pregnant women.

The programme looks to highlight the vital importance of good nutrition and awareness for pregnant women and children under five. It has also trained more than 1,000 community volunteers and equipped them to run community outreach, malnutrition prevention and malnutrition identification work.

Save the Children works in health centres and hospitals in some of the worst-off areas in the world. Read more here.