Reading changes lives. Just ask Sammy, 9, from Rwanda.

“The teachers say it’s a shame to see a grown-up who is given a book and can’t read. To get a job, you need to read and write,” Sammy explains.

Sammy attends our Let’s Read! club designed to make sure all children leave school able to read.

“I learned to read by going to the reading club,” says Sammy. “Now I help some friends in school. When they don’t understand, I help them if I can.”

The programme has already delivered huge impact. Children’s reading has improved and attendance is up.

We’re supporting Rwandan publishers, writers, and illustrators to create engaging, educational titles in Kinyarwanda – Sammy’s first language. Before we started, there were just four Kinyarwanda storybooks. Now there are more than 500.

Alongside this, we’re training teachers to set up book banks and to use reading materials effectively as part of their lessons.

In 2017, our education programmes reached 842,000 children. Find out more.